Welcome to Death Gate Dungeon!

“The bowls of this infernal place smell like a re-roll.”
- Player XY, Troll Paladin of Tlain

Well met traveler! You are moments away from an intrepid journey in a living ONLINE DnD 5e world that changes with every post you make. Enjoy the crushing successes, and gut wrenching defeat, as each action weighs heavily on your characters life!

67f6a-4e_dnd__dmg_chap_11__fallcrest_by_ralphhorsley.jpgHave you been looking for a local game in the throng of DnD games out there, but just not finding a good one? STOP SEARCHING and play with us. Playing online is easy! All you need to do is submit your character for review. Our games are run almost entirely right here on dgd.obsidianportal.com/forum. Interact directly with the DM for a solo game, or with a group, and you will even find that you can run your own mini-adventures all on your own (barring a DM posting a necessary change to your actions to stay “in-tune”). So don’t fear death young adventurer, because every trap you eat, kobold you kill, is one less for your next character, or can you keep one character alive that long enough to become legend? Come find out!

e49917855934dcc9a6b2ee4bc18cf8e7_large.jpgDeath Gate Dungeon is heavily focused on “Dungeon Crawl” elements, and sooner or later don’t be shocked to find yourself deep within a crypt, dragon’s lair, underdark passages or the like. You have to be ready for a twisting, turning, gravity warped, teleporting, time-shifting, monster filled, plane scourged, treasure filled, exit free adventure at all times. Your typical backpack equipment won’t get you far here. So think sharp, and keep your wit’s about yourself, or you may just be re-rolling soon!

121804.jpgThis is not a Hack n’ Slash game, as many of the most perilous tests within will be defeated by those with keen wits and a sharp mind, rather than a big sword. Bring your sword too, stock up on potions, and get your dungeon gear together (you’re going to need it), and head on in! Please be mindful that your forum posts may count as a character action if you do not specify otherwise, and that you must follow the Character Introduction Rules before you start playing.

Good Luck!

Death Gate Dungeon

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